We offer a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, as well as Reiki Energy Healing.  From Swedish Massage designed for relaxation and stress relief, to Neuromuscular Therapy for targeted injury rehabilitation.  Every massage is customized for your specific needs.  Also additional preventative maintenance that you can do at home, such as stretching and postural alignment, will be recommended at the end of each massage session.  Our goal is to help heal your body so you can stay active and keep doing the things you love!

A few words about us

Rejuvenations Massage is owned and operated by Haley Maxwell, Licensed Massage Therapist.  After graduating from IBMC in 2006, I opened Rejuvenations Massage in 2008.  It has been exciting to see how the massage industry has grown over the last decade.  It is not just a luxury, but preventative maintenance to help keep your mind and body in a healthy balance.  Massage has changed my life, and my goal is to share that with as many people as I possibly can.  Experience the power of touch!

Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Energy Work